Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's Leaving Home

Salut tout le monde!
I've been daydreaming about living in France for a few years now and it's finally happening. I'm leaving for Paris, France in approximately, um, 18 hours, and I thought to myself "Even though I haven't packed yet, now would be a great time to start a blog so my favorite people can keep track of all the adventures I have in France!" Genius, no?

Here are the basics of my trip:
I leave tomorrow for Paris. I'll spend two days there before taking a train to Avignon on Wednesday. Where is Avignon, you ask?

Right there in the Southeast of France!
I am spending six long weeks in Avingon with a French family while I take classes at the local university (l'Univeriste d'Avignon). Then! AFter the six weeks are over, I'm taking it to the streets and exlporing as much of France and the surrounding countries as I can. My plans aren't set in stone yet, but I hope to visit Nice, Lyon, Arles, Barcelona, Paris, and maybe even Germany.

This site will be a spot for stories about my trip, including what I eat, where I go, who I see and the things I do. Oh, what baguettes I'll have! My goals are to eat as much delicious French food as possible, speak as much French as possible, and learn to live life the French way, if only for a summer. Wish me luck (bonne chance)!

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  1. Magnifique !!! (sp?!) Look forward to reading about your adventures and travels. Your French family is lucky to get YOU! Auvior (trying to recall my sketchy French from High School!) HAVE FUN !! Tina

  2. Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Congrats honey! Have a great time and best of luck. I can't wait to hear all about your trip thru blogging! xoxoxo

  3. Looking forward to living through your experiences vicariously. French is my favorite foreign language, so beautiful and this is an experience you will never forget!! I am so excited about hearing everything you will be doing and thank you for allowing all of us to join the adventure with you!